Portland, Oregon

First trip of 2017!

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We grabbed some tickets from Southwest during one of their sales. Our flight landed around 12:30AM on Friday morning. We stayed at the Staybridge Suites – Portland Airport. It was a 10-minute/$15 Lyft ride from the airport, and a 20-minute/$25 Lyft ride to downtown. The hotel is close to a MAX station if you prefer to take public transportation.

Our room was a studio queen suite with a kitchenette. Nothing fancy although this was more than enough for us as we were hardly in the room. The hotel offers a complimentary breakfast, but who would choose a hotel breakfast over Portland brunch?

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Day One (Friday)
We started our first full day at Broder Nord for breakfast. I ordered the Lefse, a Norwegian potato crepe which was filled with ricotta cheese, apples, and caramelized onions (preparation changes daily), served with two soft baked eggs. My boyfriend ordered the baked egg scramble with trout which included walnut toast and a griddle cake. We also got a half order of Aebleskivers, delicious Danish pancake balls, with lemon curd and lingonberry dipping sauces.

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We definitely wanted to hit up a bunch of coffee shops, so we went to Either/Or to try their espresso flight. We may have over-hyped this place for ourselves. The espresso flight is two shots of espresso, a mini dessert, and a cup of sparkling water. Aesthetically and conceptually, it’s cute- but we would have been more satisfied if we had just gotten regular drinks.

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By this time there was crazy wind and rain so we decided to hide out at OMSI. It’s a really interactive museum that’s better suited for kids, but we still enjoyed ourselves (and stayed dry). There was this neat Lego art exhibit… but I didn’t feel it was worth the extra admission fee.

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The rain let up when we left OMSI so we walked to Coava for a cup of their Bella Aurora coffee. It was just what we needed to warm ourselves up. Coava is spacious but there aren’t that many seats/tables.

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We decided to test our luck with the weather and walk over the Hawthorne Bridge to check out Mill Ends Park – the smallest park in the world. Quite Portland if you ask me!

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After roaming around downtown a little bit, we stopped by Powell’s, a huuuuge bookstore. I don’t buy books anymore (libraries ftw), but this is truly a bibliophile’s heaven.

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Even though it was late afternoon we decided to walk by a Blue Star Donuts. As I predicted, it was already closed because they had sold out. If you really want those donuts, go early in the morning.

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We ended our night with some cocktails at Pepe Le Moko, which is around the corner from the Ace Hotel. This place is super dark and tiny, so I wouldn’t come here with a group bigger than 4 people. Their cocktails are really tasty and refreshing, but not very strong. I had my first Amaretto Sour and it was awesome- just the right amount of sourness and the frothy egg white was on point.

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Day Two
Saturday was another early morning so we went to Screen Door for breakfast. We got there 20 minutes before opening and there was already a long line. Thankfully we were part of the first wave of customers to be seated- around 9:10AM. We went a little overboard with our ordering, but I’m glad we did because everything was sooooo delicious.

Our main dishes were the Chicken & Waffles and Eggs Sardou with Cheddar Grits. As “sides” we ordered the Praline Bacon and a half order of Bananas Foster French Toast. There are a myriad of brunch places in Portland, but I’m so, so glad we chose to come here.

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Next to Screen Door is an Indonesian coffee store called Kopi Coffee. I could barely move and was feeling a little nauseous due to how much I ate, so I got some Dragon Pearl Jasmine Tea to help digest. My boyfriend ordered the Kopi Jahe, which is Indonesian Ginger Tea.

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After Kopi we decided to walk to another coffee place (I mean, when in Portland…). Since the weather was so much better than the day before, we enjoyed a mile stroll through some neighborhoods. My boyfriend was amazed at all the moss that grows in Portland and how nice everyone’s front yard is. Guess that’s an upside to Portland’s weather.

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Tov is actually a double-decker bus. Due to some horrendous winds the day before, the seating section on the second level was messed up so we sat downstairs (there’s only 4 chairs total downstairs, but there are also tables and benches outside). They have a menu full of Egyptian coffee items as well as more common drinks. Their cortado was delicious.

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As a basketball fan I had to stop by the Moda Center to take a picture of the Rip City sign.

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Our next stop was the Portland Japanese Garden. I hear it’s one of the most authentic Japanese gardens outside of Japan. I honestly thought it would be bigger than it is, but it’s still gorgeous.

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Their Umami Cafe does free tea tastings and is a great place to sit after exploring.

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More coffee. Finally hit up Stumptown Coffee for their Nitro Cold Brew. I’ve had better, but theirs was pretty good.

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After hanging out at Stumptown, we walked to Pok Pok. The wait would be an hour and a half for 2 people on a Saturday night. Yikes! On the way to Pok Pok we noticed the SE Wine Collective and treated ourselves to some tastings to pass the time.

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Just as we were finishing our flights, Pok Pok texted us that our table was ready and we had 10 minutes to get back to the restaurant. Let me be brief and say that Pok Pok (at least their Vietnamese Chicken Wings) is overrated, and a little pricey for what you’re getting. The Khao Soi was good, but needed chili flakes for some extra flavor. Maybe their other menu items are good?

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We had an early flight the next morning so went back to the hotel after dinner.

Day Three
Got to the airport around 6:15AM. The airport has a Blue Star Donuts before security! And since we were so early, there was no wait. We tried a Blueberry Bourbon Basil and Maple Bacon donut and paired it with a Stumptown cold brew.  

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Portland is a really chill place with great food and plenty to do, no matter the weather. I would recommend coming in the summer, when the weather seems to be a bit more stable and enjoyable.


Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Wanted to flee the country for a bit, so for this trip we flew to Montreal! Quebec’s official language is French, but a lot of the population is bilingual in both French and English, so you can get by easily if you only speak English.

We had a 6AM American Airlines flight on a Sunday morning plus a 6-hour layover in Chicago. Combine that with the three hour time difference, we landed in Montreal around 10PM. We weren’t renting a car so we took the 747 bus (which runs 24 hours) to our hotel in downtown Montreal. We purchased a three day L’Occasionnelle card, which covers the fare for 747 bus (which is $10.00 one way), metro, and bus lines.

We stayed at Candlewood Suites in the Ville-Marie area of Montreal. It’s a long term stay hotel, so our suite had a full kitchen. We didn’t cook during our stay, but it was nice being able to store and re-heat leftovers. Since it’s a long term stay hotel, they only have housekeeping once a week. If your stay is less than a week, you can pick up new linens, towels, etc… at the front desk if needed. This was perfect for us as we’re pretty low maintenance hotel guests. The hotel is also centrally located to two metro stations and a number of bus stations, plus various cafes, restaurants, and bars.




Day One/Two:
We started our morning by walking to Cafe 1880 for some breakfast and coffee. They had really good flat whites and pastries. There’s free WiFi, which was great since we didn’t have a roaming data plan in Canada. This made planning our day a lot easier.


Our first stop was the Notre Dame Basilica as it was walking distance from the cafe. It’s a $5 cash entrance fee into the church. There are tours available, but unfortunately for us the next English tour wasn’t for another few hours. Nevertheless, we enjoyed walking around the church and appreciating the beautiful architecture.



Next we took the bus to Mont Royal park. The park had nice walking/hiking trails and a little cafe next to the small lake. We made our way to the lookout so we could get a nice view of downtown Montreal (which unfortunately we forgot to take pictures of!). There’s also a chalet at the lookout that has free WiFi (very important for tourists).

From there we planned our way to Patati Patata for our first try at poutine. This place is super small (fits maybe 10 people at most?) but we were eating at an odd time so there was a table for us. The prices at Patata Patati can’t be beat (my cheeseburger cost about $3), but I wasn’t a fan of their poutine. The gravy may have been too salty for me.


After the poutine we walked all the way down Saint-Laurent back to the hotel so we could check out the neighborhood. I imagine Saint-Laurent to be very lively on the weekends as there were a ton of restaurants and bars on either side.


Day Three:
This morning we were on a hunt for some of those famous Montreal bagels. We stopped by Fairmount and St. Viateur. I liked the texture of the Fairmount bagels more, but St. Viateur had a really tasty rosemary bagel. They are both open 24 hours so you can get your bagel fix any time of day!




After eating we took the metro to the Botanical Gardens. This place was huge! You’ll need at least a few hours to walk through and see everything. The highlights for me were the greenhouses and seeing a fox roam around the grounds!




Your ticket to the Botanical Gardens also includes entrance to the Insectarium. There aren’t too many live bugs in here; most of the bugs are preserved and displayed on the walls. It’s still pretty interesting (if you can stomach all the creepy crawlies!).


We also passed by the Olympic Park right across the street from the Botanical Gardens. You can see the Montreal Tower in the background.


At night during September the Botanical Gardens have the Gardens of Light, where the Chinese and Japanese gardens are decorated with colorful lanterns.


For dinner we ate at Bistro La Cervoise, where my charcuterie came with smoked seal meat! Coincidentally, we watched Andrew Zimmern eat seal meat on one of his shows the night before, but it never crossed our minds that we’d be able to try it. I didn’t really like it and don’t think I’ll have it again (it’s very lean with a fishy, liver-y taste), but I’m glad I got the chance to taste it.


Day Four:
When we purchased our Botanical Garden tickets, we purchased a package that also gave us tickets to the nearby Biodome.

I really liked the concept and layout of the Biodome. Each section represents an ecosystem in North America, so they have a broad variety of animals/fish. I also appreciate how they used an old Olympic building to create the Biodome.

We only spent about an hour and a half at the Biodome, so we went to Marche Jean Talon, the farmer’s market that’s open 7 days a week. Many vendors will have samples of their produce. There are also a few vendors that sell maple souvenirs (such as candy, syrup and beverages).


While they have a small eating area where we ate a delicious salmon crepe, they are also restaurants and cafes in the surrounding streets of the market.


It seemed like today was going to be a foodie day because after the market we took the metro to Orange Julep Gibeau, where we ordered a smoked sandwich meal. I thought the Orange Julep was okay.. a little too much orange juice to taste exactly like a Creamsicle, but still tasty. The building looks like an actual orange, so you can’t miss it from the street.

We went back to the hotel to rest until dinnertime, where we walked to Schwartz’s on Saint-Laurent. We got their famous smoked meat sandwiches and some traditional Cott’s Black Cherry soda for drinks. I can see why there’s almost always a line for this place- the sandwiches are delicious and huge. We were lucky and had no wait (maybe because we went around 9:30PM on a weekday?), but I’ve heard there can be lines out the door. The inside is small but service is very friendly. It’s more of an eat and bounce type of place so that’s exactly what we did.

Day Five:
Today was our last full day in Montreal. Today would be spent roaming around Old Montreal/Port of Montreal and looking for souvenirs. I enjoyed all the cobblestone streets and architecture in Old Montreal.



We decided to give poutine another try and stopped by Poutineville. It’s a Canadian chain restaurant but this was the best poutine on our trip. They have a menu full of poutine with different toppings, plus an option to create your own concoction. Prices are fair and service is excellent. Glad I was able to find poutine I actually enjoyed on this trip.


After some shopping we made our way to Delices Erable & Cie, a store specializing in all things maple. We found cheaper maple syrup items at another souvenir shop, but came here to try their maple latte and maple taffy. I recommend getting a sample of the maple taffy – they pour syrup on some snow, you let it sit for a little bit then roll it up on a popsicle stick. It’s a very sweet little treat.

Since our flight was at 6AM the next morning, we checked out of our hotel downtown and moved to one closer to the airport with a free airport shuttle. The Crowne Plaza Montreal Airport hotel is pretty nice for a hotel in an industrial area. It had a huge lobby with a grand piano. The Italian restaurant was good with large portions and the bar was comfortable and the perfect place to watch a hockey game. We lucked out and got a corner suite with a spacious living/dining area. Too bad our stay here was so short.



Since our flight was international, we arrived at the airport 2 hours before our flight. I quickly learned that some airports are still busy even at the crack of dawn. After getting through security and customs, we got to our gate with about a half hour to spare.

Our trip to Montreal was pretty relaxing. The weather was great (sunny in the high 60’s) and many things to see/do are easily accessible by public transportation. A major plus is that the US dollar is still pretty strong in Canada, which made budgeting for this trip a lot easier.

Oahu, HI

Ever since I went to Maui in 2014 I have been itching to go back to Hawaii. So at the end of April my boyfriend and I flew to Oahu. We found a great deal with Hawaiian Airlines, one of the few (if not only) airlines that still provides free meals on domestic flights. Before we landed they offered complimentary Koloa rum punch to those of age.

We landed in Honolulu around noon and picked up our rental car. Then we drove to our hotel, the Holiday Inn Waikiki Beachcomber. This hotel is right on Kalakaua Avenue, the main road in Waikiki, located across the street from the beach. Walking down Kalakaua at night reminded me of the Las Vegas strip, except more enjoyable because there was no cigarette smoke or obnoxious drunk people. Each hotel room has its own private balcony, and we were able to get a partial view of the ocean from the 16th floor.


We dropped off our stuff and then drove to Kailua to eat some poke at The Hibachi, which is a small convenience store with a poke bar.


After eating we went to Lanikai beach. It took a few minutes to find parking (there’s only street parking in the neighborhood; watch out for “No Parking” signs in certain areas). Lanikai is one of the prettiest beaches I’ve been to. The water is so clear and the sand is soft and white.

For dinner we had Yakini Kuhio, which was a quick walk from our hotel. We had the delicious pork belly dinner which the server meticulously cooked for us.


Our first morning we had a Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) lesson in Haleiwa (North Shore) at 8AM with Steve at Sea and Board Sports. The lesson was so enjoyable. Steve was very detailed and encouraging in teaching us how to balance, paddle, and turn. You start off in the calm Anahulu river, then once you get the hang of things you make your way out to the ocean. During the two hour lesson, we saw about 5 sea turtles swim right past us! Highly recommend Sea and Board Sports for water sports lessons and equipment rentals (they also have kayaks available).

Right after our lesson we drove to the nearby Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck. We were there a half hour before they opened because we wanted to avoid the line (which started to get long around 11AM). The shrimp, especially the Scampi plate, definitely lived up to the hype.


After lunch it was time for a nice refreshing snack at Matsumoto Shave Ice. Since it was still early afternoon, there wasn’t a long line like there usually is. I recommend getting condensed milk and mochi with your shave ice.


On the way toward Honolulu we decided to stop by the Dole Plantation. It’s basically a huge pineapple gift shop with a few activities, but something you should visit if it’s your first time on Oahu. We did the train ride, but I would opt for the garden tour instead.



For dinner we ate at Ono Hawaiian Foods, a family owned restaurant. Service was great and our combination plate (which consisted of kalua pork, laulau, pipikaula, lomi salmon, rice, poi and haupia) was delicious.

We were pretty close to Leonard’s Bakery, so we walked there to have malasadas for dessert. We got one regular and one chocolate filled malasada. They tasted good, but I don’t see what the big hype is. A lot of people go here multiple times during a trip but once was enough for us.



Saturday morning my boyfriend had a surf lesson with Alysha Surf School. They have  really great discount if you have a YELP account. There were five people in his class and they all got to surf about six times each. I walked around the beach and read a book during his two hour lesson.

It was our last day with the rental car so after the surf lesson we dropped off the car back at the airport. We would be relying on TheBus for the rest of the trip. TheBus is $2.50 per ride (the fare includes 2 transfers) and is fairly timely. The bus ride back to the hotel took a lot longer than expected because of the Spam Jam festival going on right in front of our hotel. Hawaiians sure do love their Spam.



We had dinner at Murakame Udon, which was right behind our hotel. I’ve heard the line gets really long, but the wait isn’t bad because of the fast turnover. The restaurant has  a cafeteria style set up and self seating, so it isn’t exactly the place to linger after you’re done with your meal. The udon itself is very cheap, and you can add on food items such as a soft boiled egg and tempura for about $1 each.


The next morning we took the bus to Diamond Head and hiked up the crater. The hike was quite crowded, but there are nice ocean and city views, plus you get to go inside an old bunker.



Monday was our last full day in Oahu, so we started it off at Manoa Falls Trail. Since we went early in the morning, we barely saw people on the trail (which made for a peaceful hike). The hike is fairly easy, but there are a few muddy areas you need to watch out for. Also: SLATHER YOURSELF IN BUG SPRAY.





Since it was our last night in Oahu, we spent it at Beach Bar that’s in Moana Surfrider Hotel, a quick walk away from the Holiday Inn.


The next day our flight was in the afternoon so we spent a little time at the beach before catching a shuttle to the airport. I would say Oahu’s a good island to visit if it’s your first time in Hawaii. It has a good balance of the city/tourist attractions, but also a lot of beaches and hikes.

Joshua Tree National Park, CA

For the first trip of 2016 a group of friends and I spent three and a half days in Joshua Tree National Park. Joshua Tree National Park is about a two hour drive from the LA area.

My boyfriend recently purchased a GoPro and put together a little video of our adventures.

For lodging we rented an Airbnb in Joshua Tree which had an open and secluded atmosphere, despite being only a few miles from the main road (where we frequented the Super Walmart for food and supplies). It had a beautiful backyard with a fire pit and little hills we climbed for a nice view of the neighborhood.




Our first hike was Fortynine Palms Oasis. It’s a fairly easy hike, with no shade until you get to the oasis. We saw a bunch of chuckwallas throughout the trail. We snacked and rested at the oasis for a bit then headed back. The whole hike took about two hours.




After our hike we went to The Integratron in Landers for an hour long Sound Bath. The Integratron is made of wood and glue (no nails!) and is said to be an acoustically perfect structure. The Sound Baths offered at the Integratron are meditation-like sessions accompanied by tones from quartz bowls. It’s quite a relaxing place to rest your head and focus on the pure tones being played.


The designer of the Integratron, George Van Tassel, was a controversial UFO advocate who claimed the structure was capable of rejuvenation, anti-gravity, and time travel (of the aforementioned, I only experienced slight rejuvenation…maybe you’ll have a different experience).

At night we got the fire pit started for s’mores. The desert is gorgeous at night- for the first time in my life I was able to see multiple constellations. It also got cold, so don’t forget to bring a jacket/wear layers. Halfway through our s’mores session we discovered a kangaroo rat underneath our fire pit. He slowly crept out from time to time to nibble on our graham cracker crumbs.


On our third day we went to the park for some more hiking. We started off with Hidden Valley, which was an easy paced mile loop. Since it’s so easy (but very scenic), there’s a constant stream of people and kids on this trail.


Then we did Ryan Mountain. I’m by no means athletic or physically active, so this was a pretty tough hike. It’s 3 miles uphill (the elevation gain is 1070 feet). However, once I got to the top, I immediately forgot the torture I had just endured and was in awe of the perfect views that surrounded me. A bonus is that the hike back down is super easy compared so you end the hike in a good mood.

After Ryan Mountain we ate some pizza at Pie for the People then went back to the park to catch the sunset.



On our last day we went into town and stopped by the World Famous Crochet Museum. As you can see from the pictures below, you could literally spend minutes in there.




Simply put, Joshua Tree is amazing. The National Park is vast with numerous trails and options for exploring and the surrounding town is quaint and relaxing.


New Orleans, Louisiana

My friends and I usually take a yearly trip to Las Vegas, but this year we decided to switch it up and head to New Orleans.

We had eight in our group, so we rented an Airbnb instead of a hotel. We stayed in the Uptown/Carrollton district of New Orleans, which is a 10-15 minute Uber drive to the French Quarter.

We got in late Saturday night and went straight to Cooter Brown’s, which was a five minute streetcar ride from our Airbnb.


It’s definitely a no frills sports bar with tons of beer on tap. They had an amazing shrimp poboy. We also tried the alligator sausage and muffaletta. Note- that’s HALF a muffaletta in the picture below.


The next day was our Swamp Tour with Jean Lafitte Swamp Tours. We found a discount online so we paid about $40 for the tour which included transportation to the swamp. Since we weren’t staying at a hotel in the French Quarter, we took an Uber to the Marriott on Canal Street and waited in the lobby for the bus. The bus ride was about half an hour.

Overall, the tour was good. If you’re looking for a tour where they make the alligators jump out of the water with pieces of chicken, this isn’t one of them. I believe because they are part of a national park, they aren’t allowed to feed the alligators. They do, however, entice the alligators to come close by throwing ice cubes in the water. Even though the weather was chilly, we saw about 10 alligators during the 1.5 hour tour. Our tour guide was very friendly and informative. At the end we got to hold a baby alligator!


Lunch afterwards was at Bayou Beer Garden, where I had an awesome burger and some crabby bites. We ate in their outdoor patio and were surrounded by a bunch of TVs.

We then made our way to the French Quarter to start our Voodoo Lady Bone Tour Haunted Tour. If you’re a scaredy cat like me, it’s not as bad as it sounds. The guide walks you around the French Quarter and shares historical stories of death that happened in New Orleans. Nothing scary or spooky happened (at least not to us!). You also get to see the famous LaLaurie mansion, which was featured on AHS: Coven (and was also once owned by Nicolas Cage).


There’s a pit stop in the middle of the tour at Jean Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop, which happens to be one of the oldest bars in the US. Grab a purple drank to sip on for the second half of the tour.


After the tour it was on to dinner at Royal House. I had their Taste of New Orleans, which was three small bowls of gumbo, jambalaya, and crawfish etouffee. Highly recommend this dish as you are able to taste three of New Orleans’ staples.


Luckily for us, the Saints had won their first football game (against the Cowboys) of the season and we were in French Quarter to celebrate! After dinner we made our way to Bourbon street to join in on all the fun.

We made stops at Tropical Isle to get some hand grenades, and Pat O’Brien’s for some hurricanes. These type of drinks are way too sweet for me, so I split one of each with my boyfriend. In my opinion, the hand grenades are tastier and a little stronger than the hurricanes.

The next morning we had a brunch reservation at Atchafalaya. I had the duck hash, and three of my friends had the shrimp and grits, which they could not stop raving about. There is also a build your own Bloody Mary bar.


Later that night we hung out around Frenchmen Street, which was a lot cleaner and quieter than Bourbon street. The Frenchmen Art Market is a cool place to check out local vendors and chill (they also let you draw on the ground with chalk).




We spent the rest of night bar hopping to whichever bars didn’t have a cover. Even on a Monday night places were crowded and open until 3AM. It was time to head home as we had a flight to catch in a couple of hours.

I absolutely wish we had a little more time in New Orleans (we were only there for two full days), but am overall satisfied with what we experienced in our short time there.

Fourth of July in Seattle

To celebrate Fourth of July my boyfriend and I spent the long weekend in Seattle. We thought we would be escaping the California heat, but just our luck, Seattle was going through a heatwave during our visit (95+ degree weather).

Before we left we purchased the Seattle CityPASS for $69. If it’s your first time in Seattle and you’re interested in at least three places the CityPASS covers, I think it’s worth it. You get to go to five different attractions, and the Space Needle twice. Plus, you also get to skip the general admission lines, so less waiting!


Our plane landed around 11:00PM on the Thursday before Fourth of July and our hotel’s shuttle picked us up. We were staying at the Crowne Plaza Seattle Airport. Ideally we would have stayed downtown, but due to the holiday every hotel was ridiculously expensive. Our room was modern and spacious, and thankfully the hotel was only a three minute walk to the light rail station, which took you directly downtown after a ~35 minute ride.


While there is a Denny’s a few steps away from the hotel, we decided to get a late night meal at 13 Coins. Open 24/7, it’s a half mile walk from the hotel. They’re known for their fried ravioli, which was tasty. Their burger was also good. The items are a little pricier than Denny’s, but the menu is less generic.


Early the next morning we headed off to Pike Place Market. Our first stop was to pick up some breakfast at Elleno’s Real Greek Yogurt. It’s very thick and filling, and so tasty. They use fresh fruit and ingredients, plus they’re very generous with their samples.


While we walked around we of course stopped by the gum wall and left our mark.


Even though it was sweltering, we couldn’t visit Seattle without trying some clam chowder. We stopped by Pike Place Chowder and had their regular clam chowder, which was delicious- not too salty like other chowders I’ve had. Their crab sandwich was just okay. I wish it was mixed with more mayo.


Right next door to Pike Place Chowder is Rachel’s Ginger Beer. They serve both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and it was the perfect place to sit and avoid the sun for a bit. We actually went here twice during our stay. The first visit we had alcoholic drinks: the El Diablo (which tasted like a spicy margarita) and the Montana Mule (ginger beer + whiskey). On our second visit we had the regular ginger beer and their seasonal flavor, Watermelon x Prickly Pear, which was the best drink we had. The drinks were so refreshing and really helped with the hot weather.


After refueling we used our CityPASS for the Argosy Boat Cruise. This wasn’t really one of my priorities on the trip, but we figured we had some time to kill, and we might as well use our CityPASS to the fullest. I guess that’s the good thing about the CityPASS- it sort of makes you do/see things that you normally wouldn’t think to do.

The tour had some nice views of the city and the guide gave some good commentary. There’s also a bar on the boat in case you want to drink.


Our next use of the CityPASS was for Chihuly Glass and Garden. I had seen pictures of the museum plus some of Chihuly’s other works and everything is so much more beautiful in person. However, if you’re looking for a place to kill time, this isn’t really it. We were probably in and out of here in about 30 minutes.


If you are looking to kill time, head to the EMP Museum, which is also part of the CityPASS, as well as walking distance from Chihuly Glass and Garden and the Space Needle. The EMP Museum is very fun and interactive, with tons of different exhibits pertaining to music, movies, and pop culture. We probably spent the most time here during our trip.


We were starting to get a little hungry so we went to Taylor Shellfish to catch the happy hour, which is Monday through Friday from 4PM to 6PM. Their HH menu is pretty limited- there is only one type of oyster on the HH menu that changes daily. That day we had the Shigoku oysters and some geoduck. It was our first time having geoduck- don’t let its freaky looking exterior fool you! It’s actually quite tasty (if you like oceany tastes).


We headed back downtown to have something a little more filling and picked Serious Pie. Their pizza with prosciutto, arugula, and soft egg is SO DELICIOUS. Their dough has a nice spiced flavor to it. Their pizzas are a bit bigger than your normal personal pizzas, so we split one pizza and had a kale salad.

After dinner, we had to have dessert at Pie Bar. We had an amazing strawberry rhubarb pie that they warmed up and served with ice cream. They are also a bar that serves pie inspired cocktails. It’s a pretty small place, and can probably only fit 15 people at a time. There’s a small window outside where you can order pie slices to go.

One cool thing about Seattle in the summer is that the sun doesn’t go down until about 10PM! It was pretty trippy looking at my phone and realizing it was already 9:30PM and the sun was still up. Because we had been walking all day, we decided to call it a night after dessert.

For Fourth of July we started our day by going to the Seattle Aquarium (also part of the CityPASS). It’s no Monterey Bay Aquarium, but nice nonetheless.



We then headed over to the Space Needle to check out the view and kill some time before the fireworks. There was a Fourth of July party that was going on at the top of the Needle, but unfortunately tickets were sold out. We decided to watch the fireworks at Lake Union Park. The show was amazing! Seattle really knows how to celebrate Fourth of July!


We had a lot of fun experiencing 4th of July in another city. One tip when it comes to traveling over the holidays I will part with is to call the places/restaurants you want to visit beforehand to make sure they are running normal business hours (certain restaurants we wanted to stop by were either closed or closed earlier than we expected).

Girls Weekend in Vancouver

Was itching to add another stamp to my passport, but I didn’t have a lot of time to take off. So a girlfriend and I decided to spend an extended weekend in Vancouver!

We had a super early flight and made it to Vancouver around 11AM. We took the TransLink, which was right across the street from the airport, to our home for the weekend: Holiday Inn & Suites Vancouver Downtown. The hotel location was ideal. We didn’t have a car, so it was great that we were walking distance to a few train stations (~10 to 15 min) and bus stops. Canada Place was a mile walk north, and the Granville ferries were a mile walk south.

After we settled in, we got a quick snack at Japadog. Can’t remember the exact dog we got, but I’m pretty sure you can’t go wrong with anything at this famous cart!



We then made our way south to catch a ferry to Granville Island.


Granville Island was an awesome place to walk around. We spent most of our time at the Granville Island Public Market, checking out all the vendors and grabbing a bite to eat at the food court. Then we took a stroll around the surrounding area.



After Granville, we headed north of our hotel and checked out Canada Place and the Olympic Cauldron that was used for the 2010 Winter Games (ever since I visited Seoul’s Olympic Park in 2013 I’ve tried to make it a point to check out any Olympic related monuments/sites if I’m in a former host city).



The next day we were off to Stanley Park! Before you visit, prepare yourself with a lot of walking and bring some water and snacks. We only spent a few hours at the park and I was already beat!






Later that night for dinner we went to Guu with Garlic, a cute Japanese tapas place with delicious food! Unfortunately no food pictures, but we had the chicken karaage, okonomiyaki, and pan fried udon noodles. We sat in a room off to the side where you had to take your shoes off and sit on the floor.



After dinner we went to Gastown and checked out some bars and lounges.


The next day was filled with shopping, and in the early evening we checked out the Vancouver Lookout Tower. It is very touristy, but very beautiful! It was awesome being able to walk around and get a 360 view of Vancouver. Along the sides they have little cards with trivia about all the landmarks you’re looking at. Get here during sunset for some amazing views!




We ended our Vancouver trip with brunch at Medina Cafe, where I had the most enjoyable breakfast spread I have ever had in my life (the La Sante)!


Thanks to Medina Cafe, we ended our trip on a high note. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to check out any of the suspension bridges or go on any hikes, so I would definitely love to come back with some friends to have some more Vancouver adventures.