Bachelorette Party in Maui, HI

Five girls embarked on a five day trip to Maui, HI for a good friend’s Bachelorette party. I had been to Oahu when I was about eight years old, but this would be my first time back in Hawaii as an adult.

Since we had a snorkeling trip planned, I purchased a NIKON COOLPIX S31 waterproof camera. It’s a cheap camera with decent quality, and it worked for me because I rarely (and by rarely I mean almost never) need to use a camera in or near water. It was the only camera I brought as I didn’t want to juggle between two different cameras.

We rented a two bedroom, two bath condo in Kihei. The neighborhood was nice and quiet, right around the corner from a small beach that we walked to at four in the morning (we were pretty much on mainland time the whole trip).


View from our little patio.



This beach was about a three minute walk from our condo.


Probably the best thing we were walking distance of… Coconuts Fish Cafe! Humongous, delicious fish tacos. Still craving them ’til this day.


We slept early due to the jetlag, but it worked great with our schedule because we had a boarding time of 7:30AM for our snorkeling excursion with Pride of Maui. Our excursion went to Turtle Town and Molokini Crater. I LOVED this experience! It was definitely the highlight of my trip. Everyone on the crew was great, and THEY FEED YOU. Pastries and fruit in the morning, a barbecue for lunch, and an open bar. AN OPEN BAR. ON A BOAT. IN HAWAII.

We didn’t see much in Turtle Town (“only” seeing a lone turtle), but Molokini Crater had a lot more action. Plus, the fish there are used to humans so you’ll be surrounded by them.




The excursion ended around noon and we spent the rest of the day walking around Front Street and visiting the Banyan Tree.


The rest of the trip was pretty much just going to the beach every day. I rarely (and by rarely I mean almost never) swim in the ocean in the mainland.. even the beaches in Southern California are too cold for me. But who could resist Maui’s warm and clear water!? Needed to take advantage of it before going back home to the freezing, mysterious dark waters.



On our last night in Maui, we went to the Wailea Grand Luau at Honuaula. Beautiful view, entertaining performances, and open bar! They only had sweet drinks made with rum (I don’t like sweet drinks, nor do I like rum), but hey, when in Hawaii, right? It was starting to get pretty cold and windy towards the end of the luau (which ended around 8PM), but thanks to the open bar I had my alcohol blanket on.




Obviously this is a very, very tamed down reflection on my trip (bachelorette parties aren’t meant to be documented, if you ask me!), but Maui left a great impression on me. I’d come back in a heartbeat, but the explorer in me would probably want to visit the other islands I’ve yet to step foot on first.


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