Fourth of July in Seattle

To celebrate Fourth of July my boyfriend and I spent the long weekend in Seattle. We thought we would be escaping the California heat, but just our luck, Seattle was going through a heatwave during our visit (95+ degree weather).

Before we left we purchased the Seattle CityPASS for $69. If it’s your first time in Seattle and you’re interested in at least three places the CityPASS covers, I think it’s worth it. You get to go to five different attractions, and the Space Needle twice. Plus, you also get to skip the general admission lines, so less waiting!


Our plane landed around 11:00PM on the Thursday before Fourth of July and our hotel’s shuttle picked us up. We were staying at the Crowne Plaza Seattle Airport. Ideally we would have stayed downtown, but due to the holiday every hotel was ridiculously expensive. Our room was modern and spacious, and thankfully the hotel was only a three minute walk to the light rail station, which took you directly downtown after a ~35 minute ride.


While there is a Denny’s a few steps away from the hotel, we decided to get a late night meal at 13 Coins. Open 24/7, it’s a half mile walk from the hotel. They’re known for their fried ravioli, which was tasty. Their burger was also good. The items are a little pricier than Denny’s, but the menu is less generic.


Early the next morning we headed off to Pike Place Market. Our first stop was to pick up some breakfast at Elleno’s Real Greek Yogurt. It’s very thick and filling, and so tasty. They use fresh fruit and ingredients, plus they’re very generous with their samples.


While we walked around we of course stopped by the gum wall and left our mark.


Even though it was sweltering, we couldn’t visit Seattle without trying some clam chowder. We stopped by Pike Place Chowder and had their regular clam chowder, which was delicious- not too salty like other chowders I’ve had. Their crab sandwich was just okay. I wish it was mixed with more mayo.


Right next door to Pike Place Chowder is Rachel’s Ginger Beer. They serve both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and it was the perfect place to sit and avoid the sun for a bit. We actually went here twice during our stay. The first visit we had alcoholic drinks: the El Diablo (which tasted like a spicy margarita) and the Montana Mule (ginger beer + whiskey). On our second visit we had the regular ginger beer and their seasonal flavor, Watermelon x Prickly Pear, which was the best drink we had. The drinks were so refreshing and really helped with the hot weather.


After refueling we used our CityPASS for the Argosy Boat Cruise. This wasn’t really one of my priorities on the trip, but we figured we had some time to kill, and we might as well use our CityPASS to the fullest. I guess that’s the good thing about the CityPASS- it sort of makes you do/see things that you normally wouldn’t think to do.

The tour had some nice views of the city and the guide gave some good commentary. There’s also a bar on the boat in case you want to drink.


Our next use of the CityPASS was for Chihuly Glass and Garden. I had seen pictures of the museum plus some of Chihuly’s other works and everything is so much more beautiful in person. However, if you’re looking for a place to kill time, this isn’t really it. We were probably in and out of here in about 30 minutes.


If you are looking to kill time, head to the EMP Museum, which is also part of the CityPASS, as well as walking distance from Chihuly Glass and Garden and the Space Needle. The EMP Museum is very fun and interactive, with tons of different exhibits pertaining to music, movies, and pop culture. We probably spent the most time here during our trip.


We were starting to get a little hungry so we went to Taylor Shellfish to catch the happy hour, which is Monday through Friday from 4PM to 6PM. Their HH menu is pretty limited- there is only one type of oyster on the HH menu that changes daily. That day we had the Shigoku oysters and some geoduck. It was our first time having geoduck- don’t let its freaky looking exterior fool you! It’s actually quite tasty (if you like oceany tastes).


We headed back downtown to have something a little more filling and picked Serious Pie. Their pizza with prosciutto, arugula, and soft egg is SO DELICIOUS. Their dough has a nice spiced flavor to it. Their pizzas are a bit bigger than your normal personal pizzas, so we split one pizza and had a kale salad.

After dinner, we had to have dessert at Pie Bar. We had an amazing strawberry rhubarb pie that they warmed up and served with ice cream. They are also a bar that serves pie inspired cocktails. It’s a pretty small place, and can probably only fit 15 people at a time. There’s a small window outside where you can order pie slices to go.

One cool thing about Seattle in the summer is that the sun doesn’t go down until about 10PM! It was pretty trippy looking at my phone and realizing it was already 9:30PM and the sun was still up. Because we had been walking all day, we decided to call it a night after dessert.

For Fourth of July we started our day by going to the Seattle Aquarium (also part of the CityPASS). It’s no Monterey Bay Aquarium, but nice nonetheless.



We then headed over to the Space Needle to check out the view and kill some time before the fireworks. There was a Fourth of July party that was going on at the top of the Needle, but unfortunately tickets were sold out. We decided to watch the fireworks at Lake Union Park. The show was amazing! Seattle really knows how to celebrate Fourth of July!


We had a lot of fun experiencing 4th of July in another city. One tip when it comes to traveling over the holidays I will part with is to call the places/restaurants you want to visit beforehand to make sure they are running normal business hours (certain restaurants we wanted to stop by were either closed or closed earlier than we expected).


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